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Nature Tours:
the colours of the Gargano

Nature in the Gargano presents itself in a thousand colours: from the thick green woodlands of the Foresta Umbra, to the multi-coloured beauty of the orchids and the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea. The Gargano offers many Excursions in the Gargano National Park and adventurous Jeep Safaris along little used woodland tracks.

On the Nature Tours you will discover the colours of the Gargano and be amazed by the flora and fauna to be found in this land: in the Foresta Umbra, for example, it's not difficult to come across the Capriolo Garganico, hedgehogs and buzzards which inhabit the woodlands of beech, acer and d’Aleppo Pine. Consorzio Gargano Incoming resorts are the ideal place for a truly reinvigorating holiday and the discovery of a rich and unspoilt nature.

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